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Your HIFU Treatment

Who is a Candidate for HIFU with the Sonablate® 500?

Sonablate® HIFU may be effective for men who have early stage, localized prostate cancer that has not spread or metastasized outside the prostate. It is recommended that you discuss your individual medical records and history with a physician in order to confirm whether or not you are a candidate for Sonablate® HIFU.
Sonablate® HIFU may also be an effective therapy for recurrent prostate cancer when patients may not have any other treatment options.

Many patients, who have had primary therapy for prostate cancer, experience a rise in PSA years later and discover that the cancer is back. These patients may be candidates for the Sonablate® HIFU treatment as well.


Treatment Options Comparison

Treatment Description Selected Risks* Expected Recovery Selected Outcomes
High Intensity Minimal invasive use of In approved Temporary catheter worn for *94% biochemical disease free
Focused Ultrasound intersecting, precision- countries approximately 2 weeks; survival rate at 4 years
(HIFU) as approved focused ultrasound waves * Incontinence:2-3% resume normal lifestyle *87% negative biopsy rate at
and used outside to ablate diseased tissue * Impotence:20-30% almost immediately 6 months
the US
Radical Major surgery to remove *Incontinence:4-34% 2-3 day hospital stay; catheter *85-91% biochemical disease
Prostatectomy prostate; can be open *Impotence:51-80% for 2-3 weeks for open surgery free survival at 2 years
retropubic, laparoscopic or shorter hospitalization and few *68-72% biochemical disease
robotic postoperative complications free survival at 10 years
for robotic procedures
External Beam 6-8 weeks treatment, beaming *Incontinence: 4-7% Five treatments per week for *78% survival rate at 5 years
Radiation radiation through healthy *Impotence: 41-62% 6-8 weeks; up to 2months *55-65% biochemical disease
tissues *Bowel problems fatigue after full course of free survival at 5 years;
more common than treatment 49% at 10 years
with other
Internal Minimally invasive implants *Incontinence:3-18% 1-2 hour procedure with 85-91% biochemical disease
Radiation Seeds of radiation seeds in the *Impotence:44-58% possible overnight stay; free survival at 10-12 years
(Brachytherapy) prostate return to normal activities
within a few day






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